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ModCom Help Files


Getting Started:

Basic Operation Reading Data from a sensor Switching devices on and off Adjusting an output voltage Controlling a stepper motor Counting external events Timing external events Software Development

Special Operations:

Transmission Verification Input data from a peripheral Send data to multiple objects Importing Data from File Using a Lookup Table Creating a Clock Voltage Tracking Test Automation

Variables & Mathematics:

Using Variables Math Calculations Math Functions Transmitting BIN or HEX

Menu Commands:

Tool Bar Status Bar Save Size & Position Cut Copy Paste Bring to Front Send to Back Properties

Add New Page Delete this Page Move Page Up Move Page Down Goto First Page Goto Previous Page Goto Next Page Goto Last Page Page Background

Port Selection Diagnostics Send/Receive

Lock Unlock Setup

About ModCom License ModCom Enter Key Code

Screen Objects:

Text Box Data Window Text Window Input Window Level Gauge Dial Gauge Meter Gauge Vertical Gauge Horizontal Gauge Dual Hand Gauge Wind Vane Gauge Signal Lamp Event Counter Event Timer Push Button Button Array Rocker Switch Slider Control PI-Controller Chart Recorder

Run Time Loop:

Initialization Polling Setup Data Parser Data Logging Web Logging Variables Scripts Conditionals Start Run Loop Halt Run Loop

Script Functions:

IF Else IF Else End IF Loop Exit Loop IF End Loop Transmit Command Wait for this Data Pause Milliseconds Show Message Play Sound File Dial Telephone Send Email Goto Page Number Math Conversion Run EXE Program Log Data to File Read from File Write to File Run a Script Start a Script Halt a Script Wait Script End Run Button Array Start Button Array Halt Button Array Wait Button Array Turn On Lamp Trun Off Lamp Toggle Lamp Increment Counter Decrement Counter Reset Counter Start Event Timer Halt Event Timer Reset Event Timer Start Chart Recorder Halt Chart Recorder