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Read from File

This function will read a data string from the text file which is indicated by the file name entered at the right. If the full PATH name is not included, the file will be searched for in the current directory as shown in Get File Path. If the file can not be found, or for some other reason could not be opened, an error box will pop up. The data string retrieved from the file will be sent to the Screen Object indicated by the Object ID Label which is typed in below.

A file pointer is used to keep track of the position within the file and will be set to zero at the start of each Run-Loop session. When executed, this function will read a set of characters until encountering a delimiter which can be a space, tab, comma, or carriage return. Each subsequent read from the same file will return the next string of characters. If the end of file is detected, the file pointer will loop around to the beginning. To force the file pointer to skip over one or more character strings, execute this function and send the response to a non-existent Screen Object.

By default, all four delimiters mentioned above will be active, however you can choose to limit this to one or more characters by typing in their names at the end of the file name entered above. /SPACE /TAB /COMMA /CR are all valid entries. Note, if selecting your own delimiter, it is usually best to include the carriage return. If not, the last string on each line will be combined with the first string of the next line.