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Run EXE Program

This function will run the program which is indicated by the file name entered at the right. If the full PATH name is not included, the file will be searched for in the current directory as shown in Get File Path. If the file can not be found, or for some other reason could not be executed, an error box will pop up.

Up to 10 command-line arguments can also be passed to the target program by typing them in at the right of the filename, separated by a space character. By default, the external program will run concurrently with ModCom, but if /WAIT is used as one of the arguments, ModCom will suspend its own operation until the external program has terminated.

IMPORTANT: If your external program uses the same COM port as ModCom, you will have to run it in /WAIT mode so that ModCom will release the COM port prior to starting the program. Once your external program terminates, ModCom will take back control of the COM port.