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Transmit Command

This function will transmit the command string entered at the right. It is not necessary to include the carriage return at the end of the command string, ModCom will insert this automatically. If some other object within ModCom is waiting for a response from the same DAQ Module which is the target of this command, this function will wait until the previous response has been received before transmitting.

To monitor or log the response from a DAQ Module which is the target of this command string, create a Screen Object such as a Data Window, Text Window, or Instrument Gauge, and type in the object's ID Label in the box called "Send the response to this Screen Object". If this option is being used, this function (as well as any object executing this function) will remain in process until the command is successful and the response has been received. If no response has been received within a 3 minute timeout period, an error box will pop up indicating that the DAQ Module is not responding. See Transmission Verification for more info.

The response can also be sent to and operated on by the Conditional statements or any Screen Object which uses built-in conditionals such as a Signal Lamp, Event Counter, or Event Timer. To do this, simply type the word "Conditionals" in the "Send the response to this Screen Object" box.