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Write to File

This function will write a data string to the text file which is indicated by the file name entered at the right. If the full PATH name is not included, the file will be searched for in the current directory as shown in Get File Path. If the file can not be found, or for some other reason could not be opened, an error box will pop up. The text string entered below, including variables will be the data which is written to the file.

Each time this function is executed, the data string will be placed on a separate line and appended to the end of the text file. If wishing to replace the existing data in the text file as apposed to appending to it, include the word /ERASE at the end of the file name entered above. This will instruct ModCom to clear the file before writing to it.

To write a line of text containing multiple variables separated by a delimiter, the following format can be used. {systemtime},{DataWindow1},{DataWindow2},{Counter1},{Counter2} etc.