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Input Window

An Input Window is a Screen Object that the operator can use to input data while the main run-time loop is executing without disrupting it. The data can be a number in decimal format, or a time value such as that which is shown in an Event Timer. The entry mode or edit mode can be a popup keypad with buttons that respond to mouse clicks, or the data can be typed directly into the window by disabling the keypad.

Once an Input Window is placed on the screen it can be selected by clicking on it with the left mouse button. To move the object, place the cursor over it, hold down the left mouse button and drag the object to the desired position. Resize handles are provided to allow adjustment of the overall size by dragging on them with the mouse in a similar fashion.

To set the properties of an Input Window, right-click on the object or select "Properties" in the <Edit> menu while the Input Window is selected. The following is a summery of the user defined attributes in the Properties dialog box.

Properties Dialog Box:

Screen Text:

Title: Type in the text that will appear to the left of the data field.

Size: Selects the font size used for the text characters in the Input Window. Making changes to this attribute will also change the overall size of the Input Window respectively.

Color: Selects the font color used for text in the title field.

Title Width: Selects the width of the title field. Note, dragging the resize handles will change the width of the data field only.


Object ID Label: Type in a label that will be used for identification by other objects within ModCom when sending data to the Input Window, using the displayed data as a variable in another object's function, or when evaluating Conditional statements specific to the Input Window's value.

Keypad Size: Selects the size of the keypad which is displayed when the Edit button is pressed during run-time. If a size of "None" is selected, the keypad is disabled allowing the data to be typed directly into the window when the Edit button is pressed.

Reset Value: Type in the value that the Input Window will show at start-up.

Reset when start/stop run loop: Check this box if wishing the data in the Input Window to return to its reset value when starting or stopping the main run-time loop. If unchecked, the Input Window will hold its value between run sessions and ask the operator to save changes upon exit.

When a new value is entered, execute this Function:

Drop-Down Menu: Choose the function which will be performed when a new value is entered in the Input Window during run-time. In the box at the right, type in the appropriate command string or object ID label associated with this function. Depending on the function chosen, extra options may appear below. Refer to the function's definition for details. Note, the edit fields in this section of the dialog box supports variables. For instance, to transmit a command containing the header character "A", the command character "V", plus the data that is in the Input Window, type in the following: AV{InputWindow1}


While the main run-loop is executing, clicking on the Edit button will cause a keypad to popup on the screen. The operator can then enter in a number or time value by clicking on the buttons on the keypad. Clicking on the Enter button will apply the new value to the Input Window, close the keypad, and execute the function if one has been selected. Pressing the Esc key on the computer’s keyboard will cancel the edit operation and the Input Window will resort back to the previous value. If the keypad is disabled, clicking on the Edit button will clear the Input Window’s data field and allow the operator to type in a new number or time value using the computer’s keyboard. Hitting the Enter key will apply the new value to the Input Window and execute the function if one has been selected. Hitting the Esc key will cancel the edit operation and the Input Window will resort back to the previous value.

When the Edit button is pressed and the Input Window is in edit mode, all of the other operations taking place in ModCom will continue as normal and not be effected. If the Input Window’s value is being used as a variable in another object’s function, the old value will be used until the Enter button is pressed and the new value is applied.