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Page Background command (Page menu)

Use this command to set the background color of the current page and select a bitmap file if desired. By default, the background color is gray. Giving each page a unique background color makes it easy to identify them at a glance when flipping through from one page to another. A bitmap image can also be used as the background screen.

ModCom supports standard .bmp image files created with a paint brush program, or other picture or drawing files which have been converted to a bmp file. If the full PATH name is not included, the file will be searched for in the current directory as shown in Get File Path. If the file can not be found, or for some other reason could not be openned, an error box will pop up.

After drawing a background picture and attaching it to a ModCom page, the size of the main ModCom screen can be adjusted to fit the dimensions of the picture. Then go to the <File> menu item at the top of the screen and click on "Save Size and Position" so that ModCom will revert to this size each time the application is loaded.