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Port Selection command (Communicate menu)

Use this command to select the communications port which the DAQ Modules are connected to. If selecting "Search", ModCom will scan COM ports 1 thru 9 and look for a DAQ Module which is set to address "A". If a DAQ Module is detected, this port will be used as the default. If preferred, this selection can be changed for each project and it will be saved along with the other project data. Note, due to the structure of the WTMPI-M card, it will not be detected by the search function so in this case the COM port must be selected manually.

When ModCom first opens or when the "New" command is selected, ModCom will automatically use the default COM port if any has been selected in the past. When loading an existing project from disk, if no port has been selected for the project or if the saved port selection can not be opened, ModCom will again use the default COM port.

Note, if the DAQ Modules are attached to a computer's USB port using a USB Cable, the communications speed can be greatly improved by changing the COM port's Latency Timer. Go to Latency Timer for more details.