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Screen Object Definitions

A Screen Object is an object chosen from the <Place Object> menu and dropped on the main screen of ModCom. These objects can be moved around to any position on the screen using the mouse, and resized by dragging on the sides or corners of it. Below is a list of all the Screen Objects currently supported by ModCom.

Text Box Show informative text or background colors behind objects.
Data Window Show live data from polling a DAQ Module.
Text Window Allows you to send text messages to the screen.
Input Window Input data while the main run-loop is executing.
Level Gauge Show live data in the form of a tank fill level.
Dial Gauge Show live data in the form of a dial instrument.
Meter Gauge Show live data in the form of a meter instrument.
Wind Vane Show live data in the form of a wind vane or compass.
Signal Lamp Notify operator of alarm trips, important events, or occurrences.
Event Counter Keep count of various events or occurrences.
Event Timer Measure the time between various events or occurrences.
Push Button Transmit a command or start a function with a mouse click.
Button Array Change the path of a function on the fly with a mouse click.
Rocker Switch Scroll up/down the value transmitted to a DAQ Module.
Slider Control Adjust a variable or a DAQ Module parameter with the mouse.
PI-Controller Closed-Loop Proportional Integral Control Unit
Chart Recorder Plot the data from the Screen Objects on a graphical display.