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Use this dialog box to send and receive commands to the DAQ Modules using the keyboard. This is useful for testing, familiarizing yourself with the command set, and to see the format of the data being returned in response to a command. The following is a summery of the options available in this dialog box:

Transmit/Receive Data Packets

History Data:

This is a list of all data which has been sent to or received from any DAQ Module since this dialog box was opened. The horizontal scroll buttons can be used to view the entire contents if the number of data strings exceeds the height of this window.

Current Data:

Transmit: In the space below, type in a data string that you wish to transmit to a DAQ Module and then click on this button to send it, or hit "Enter" on the keyboard. ModCom will automatically insert the required carriage-return at the end of the string and then transmit it out of the serial port. This data string will then be added to the "History Data" list on the left.

Receive: If a DAQ Module responds to a command that is transmitted to it, the return data will appear in the space below. This data string will also be added to the "History Data" list on the left.

Send Config: Click on this button to transmit the list of configuration commands entered into the Initialization dialog box. These command strings together with any response from the DAQ Modules will appear on the "History Data" list on the left.

Clear History: Click on this button to clear the History Data list.