Low cost solutions to Data Acquisition & Control.
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Weeder Technologies
90-A Beal Pkwy NW
Fort Walton Beach FL 32548

Established: 1989
DUNS: 969723154


...simple as a laptop.

Data Acquisition & Control
  • Free 30-Day evaluation.
  • No special drivers required.
  • No need to access internal card cages.
  • Use up to 32 cards on a single RS-232 or USB port.
  • Mix and match the cards to provide any combination of features.

We offer a full line of low-cost Data Acquisition and Control cards which can be plugged together end-to-end on a single cable attached to a PC or Laptop. Up to 32 different cards can be used on the same computer port simultaneously. Thus allowing the user to select any combination of features needed for their application and to expand with additional features when necessary.

And with our HMI Software, setting up complex run-time applications could not have been easier. The novice or non-programmer will appreciate the ease at which eye-appealing display screens can be laid out very quickly, and the ability to perform complex functions with a minimal user learning curve.

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Weeder Technologies RS-232 USB Data Acquisition & Control cards with free Window's software

What is Data Acquisition & Control? The first term "Data Acquisition" is the collection of real time data from sensors connected to small digital DAQ cards which are plugged into an RS-232 port or USB port of a PC or laptop computer. The sensor's measurement can be displayed on the computer screen as a number in a data window, or shown as a virtual instrument such as a dial gauge, meter gauge, or tank level gauge. The data value can be logged to a file, logged to a web page, or even plotted on a chart recorder graph. The second term "Control" refers to the ability of a computer to control something in the outside world. Industrial control, factory automation, process control, SCADA systems, and home automation are some examples of this. Test & Measurement operations used in manufacturing plants also utilize Data Acquisition & Control hardware and software to test their products before final release.