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How to Link Screen Objects to a Spreadsheet

ModCom supports DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) so that spreadsheets such as Excel can automatically link up to the various Screen Objects and show their data live as ModCom updates. To link an Excel data field to a ModCom Screen Object, set up the Excel data field to use a formula written in the following format:


YourFileName is the name of your ModCom application file.
ScreenObject is the Object ID Label of the ModCom screen object.

Once a link or links have been set up in Excel, each time you open ModCom and Excel, always open ModCom first. That way when Excel opens, it can find ModCom and establish a link to it. If Excel does not link up immediately, click on the Excel "File" button, then click on "Excel Options", "Trust Center", "Trust Center Settings" and then "External Content". Check the box called "Enable Automatic Update for all Workbook Links".