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8-Chn Analog Output
8-Chn Digital Input
8-Chn Digital Output

8-Chn Analog Output 8-Chn Digital Input 8-Chn Digital Output
  • 8 analog output channels that span -10.00 to +10.00 volts using 0.01-volt output resolutions.
  • 8 wide-range digital input channels with high voltage transient protection.
  • 8 high-current open-collector output channels with pull-ups to 5V for TTL level outputs.
  • Electrically isolated from the power supply rails, the communications bus, and the RS-232 / USB port.
  • Analog Outputs incorporate automatic generation of trapezoidal and S-curve slope profiles.
  • Analog Outputs incorporate user adjustable ramp-rate and S-curve magnitude.
  • Analog Outputs incorporate individually selectable power-up / reset voltages for each output channel.
  • Analog Outputs include hook-up connections for a RESET switch.
  • Digital Inputs incorporate user programmable pull-up or pull-down resistors for use with either NPN or PNP sensors.
  • Digital Inputs respond to button presses and switch transitions using automatic debounce and typematic repeat with adjustable delay.
  • Logic state of each digital input channel can be read (or polled) by the host PC, or each channel can be set up to automatically report a logic transition without polling.
  • 8 event counter inputs with 24-bits each and adjustable rollover limits.
  • 4 quadrature encoder inputs with 24-bits each and adjustable rollover limits.
  • 4 tachometer inputs which read the speed of a rotating shaft from 200 to 400,000 RPM.
  • Digital Outputs can directly control the on/off states of relays, solenoids, magnetic latches, flow valves, DC motors, etc.
  • Digital Outputs incorporate a clamping diode to protect it from back-EMF generated by relay coils.
  • Digital Outputs incorporate a resettable fuse which protects it from excessive current flow.
  • 8 timer outputs that span from 1 mS to 65,535 mS each. Re-loadable on the fly.
  • 1 PWM 1-Amp output channels. Duty cycle adjustable using 0.1% increments.
  • Software calibrated; no trim-pots to adjust.
  • All user configuration and calibration data stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Wide power supply range (10 to 30 VDC).

The WTX4 is a Data Acquisition and Control module which is available in various different versions that provide a wide assortment of input and output combinations. Multiple units can also be plugged together to create an expandable network. Each WTX4 unit is comprised of four individual sub units which can be a mix of Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, Analog Inputs, Analog Outputs, and Thermocouple Inputs.

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