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16-Chn Load Cell Interface Module

16-Chn Load Cell Interface Module
  • 16 differential load cell interface channels with a ▒10V common mode range and protection to ▒40V.
  • Electrically isolated from the power supply rails, the communications bus, and the RS-232 / USB port.
  • Measure weight, force, pressure, or tension from a wheatstone bridge sensor.
  • 20-bit A/D converter provides resolutions down to 1.4 ÁV.
  • User programmable gain, offset, and decimal point position.
  • 8-times averaging smoothes out readings.
  • Built-in floating point math routine to convert readings to any linear engineering units of choice.
  • Software calibrated; no trim-pots to adjust.
  • All user configuration and calibration data stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Wide power supply range (10 to 30 VDC).

The WTX4 is a Data Acquisition and Control module which is available in various different versions that provide a wide assortment of input and output combinations. Multiple units can also be plugged together to create an expandable network. Each WTX4 unit is comprised of four individual sub units which can be a mix of Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, Analog Inputs, Analog Outputs, and Thermocouple Inputs.

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Data Sheet Software Accessories


Our Data Collection Software is specifically designed to communicate with these DAQ modules and can be set up very quickly and easily by the novice using little or no programming skills. For more advanced programs with special requirements, our engineers can put together a custom software application for you. This can include the mapping of all of the data points to individual cells in your Excel Spreadsheet which will update automatically.