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Data Module Enclosures


Data Module Enclosure  

These enclosures made of ABS plastic can be used as a protective shell for the Stackable Data Modules. Mount the bottom half of the enclosure to a flat surface using sheet metal screws. Slide the Data Module into the DB9 slots at each end of the bottom half and then snap the top half of the enclosure onto it. The top half can be removed at any time to access the screw terminals on the module. This enclosure comes in two sizes, CASE-SM is 3.1" wide, CASE-LG is 3.5" wide. Choose the one that fits the module you are using. Will not fit the WTMPI-M card.

CASE-SM.....................$22 Out of Stock
CASE-LG.....................$23 Out of Stock
OBSOLETE NOTICE: These cases are no longer being manufactured and will be discontinued once the current stock is depleted. However, the WTX4 series of DAQ modules, which are an advanced version of the original DAQ cards and a direct replacement, comes in its' own protective case as a standard feature. In addition, the WTX4 can be stacked together with the original DAQ cards if desired.