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PI-Controller Software




  • Pre-built Screen Object.
  • Sensor Input to read PV.
  • Dual Actuator Outputs.
  • Direct or Reverse Acting.
  • Manual and Automatic modes.
  • Bump-less transition.
  • Anti-windup offset bias.
  • Selectable Kp/Ki decimal point.
  • Lockable Kp/Ki adjustments.
  • Easy loop tuning instructions.

This PI-Controller is a Windows software Screen Object that operates as a self-contained, closed-loop, automatic process control system that can regulate temperature, pressure, flow rate, tank level, etc. It uses an input to read the data from a sensor, and an output for manipulating an actuator or control valve to keep the process variable at a specific set point. Two outputs can be used if a separate actuator is needed for positive and negative corrections. It features a bump-less transition from manual to automatic modes, a bump-less transition when changing the Integral gain, and an anti-windup offset bias for use when large errors or large changes in the set point occur. Read more...


This software is absolutely FREE for personal and trial use, and only $199 for a commercial license. To download a full-working full-feature version of this software, click below.

Download ModCom 14.0 For WIN10, WIN8, WIN7, VISTA, XP, 2000, ME, NT, or 98