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PI-Controller Software




  • Pre-built Screen Object.
  • Sensor Input to read PV.
  • Dual Actuator Outputs.
  • Direct or Reverse Acting.
  • Manual and Automatic modes.
  • Bump-less transition.
  • Anti-windup offset bias.
  • Selectable Kp/Ki decimal point.
  • Lockable Kp/Ki adjustments.
  • Easy loop tuning instructions.

This PI-Controller is a Windows software Screen Object that operates as a self-contained, closed-loop, automatic process control system that can regulate temperature, pressure, flow rate, tank level, etc. It uses an input to read the data from the PV sensor, and an output for manipulating the actuator or control valve to keep the process variable at a specific set point. Two outputs can be used if a separate actuator is needed for positive and negative corrections. It features a bump-less transition from manual to automatic modes, a bump-less transition when changing the Integral gain, and an anti-windup offset bias for use when large errors or large changes in the set point occur. Read more...


This software is absolutely FREE for personal and trial use, and only $250 for a limited commercial license. To download a full-working full-feature version of this software, click below.

Download ModCom 15.1 For WIN10, WIN8, WIN7, VISTA, XP, 2000, ME, NT, or 98