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Relay Controller Module

Relay Controller Module
  • 10 input channels which can be wired to switches, buttons, or other dry contacts.
  • Each channel incorporates a pull-up resistor to 5-volts simplifying hookup.
  • Built-in automatic debounce for each channel.
  • Responds to button presses and switch transitions by transmitting commands to a WTSSR-M module.
  • Automatic initialization of each relay state of the WTSSR-M module upon power-up.
  • Command verification assures reception of each command by the WTSSR-M module.
  • Wide power supply range (8 to 30 VDC).

This Relay Controller Module serves as the host to the Solid Sate Relay Module (part number WTSSR-M). The Controller can work in conjunction with, or take the place of a PC. It communicates with the Relay Module using its command set in the same way as a PC and allows manual operation of each relay via a remote data link. Switches wired to the inputs of the Controller will be able to set the on/off states of up to 10 relays, two WTSSR-M units.


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