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Function Definitions

ModCom is capable of executing a number of different functions during run-time. These functions are triggered by various objects such as a Button, Script, Conditional, etc. A function performs its operation with the help of a data string which is entered into a box next to the function title. This data string can be static, such as a numerical value or an Object ID Label, or it can be a variable which changes throughout run-time. The following is a summery of each function and how to use it:

IF Logical IF Statement.
Else IF Logical Else IF Statement.
Else Logical Else Statement.
End IF Terminating marker for an IF function group.
Loop Loop function beginning marker.
Exit Loop IF Logical Exit statement for a Loop function group.
End Loop Terminating marker for a Loop function group.
Transmit Command Transmit a command to a DAQ Module.
Wait for this Data Wait for this data to return from a DAQ Module.
Pause Milliseconds Pause for a specific amount of time before continuing.
Show Message Send a specific text message to a Screen Object.
Play Sound File Play a WAV sound file from disk.
Dial Telephone Dail a telephone to signal an alarm event.
Send Email Send an email message to a specific email address.
Print Label Print a label containing text and/or barcode.
Goto Page Number Go to this ModCom page number.
Math Conversion Perform a Math Conversion on a Screen Object.
Run EXE Program Run an external Windows program.
Log Data to File Log the data from the Screen Objects to file.
Read from File Read data from an external file.
Write to File Write data to an external file.
Run a Script Run a specific Script and wait until it completes.
Start a Script Start a specific Script and continue with next step.
Halt a Script Halt a specific Script and any of its branches.
Wait Script End Wait for a specific Script to end before continuing.
Run Button Array Run a specific Button Array and wait until it completes.
Start Button Array Start a specific Button Array and continue with next step.
Halt Button Array Halt a specific Button Array and any of its branches.
Wait Button Array Wait for a specific Button Array to end before continuing.
Turn On Lamp Turn on a specific Signal Lamp.
Turn Off Lamp Turn off a specific Signal Lamp.
Toggle Lamp Toggle the state of a specific Signal Lamp.
Increment Counter Increment a specific Event Counter.
Decrement Counter Decrement a specific Event Counter.
Reset Counter Reset a specific Event Counter.
Start Event Timer Start a specific Event Timer.
Halt Event Timer Halt a specific Event Timer.
Reset Event Timer Reset a specific Event Timer.